The Menkoff Method

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The Menkoff Method

The Russians are coming!

20161 h 27 min

David Cork (Lachlan Woods) is a lowly data processor slaving away in the cubicle wasteland of Endo Bank's notorious Data Processing Centre, the DPC. But his real passion is manga. David is obsessed with the superhero Foxy Chaos - and he aspires to meet her creator, Takuya Fujimoro. David's manga dreams are shattered when a sinister Russian HR guru arrives at the DPC. Max Menkoff (Noah Taylor) has big plans and no worker is safe from his "method". Murder, chaos and office zombies take hold! Only David, in alliance with the brilliant and determined Ruby Jackson (Jessica Clarke), can stand in Menkoff's way. But what is the Menkoff Method? And what does it mean for David Cork?

Title The Menkoff Method
Director David Parker
Release Date 1 December 2016
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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Starring: Noah Taylor, Robert Taylor, Lachlan Woods, Jessica Clarke, Catherine McClements, David Whiteley, Olga Makeeva, Andrew Ryan, Malcolm Kennard, John Brumpton

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